Colowyo and Trapper coal mines ruling riles industry, governor

<p>(Courtesy Flickr user <a href="" target="_blank">Jimmy Thomas</a>/Creative Commons)</p>
The Craig Station is a coal power plant run by Tri-State Generation and Transmission.
Photo: Craig Station coal plant
The Craig Station is a coal power plant run by Tri-State Generation and Transmission.

The mines supply the Craig Station power plant, and Elizabeth Shogren writes in High Country News that industry officials are asking for the ruling to be reviewed, saying "it threatens the jobs and livelihoods of rural Colorado communities, and will do nothing to advance environmental protection.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper is also unhappy with the prospect of canceled permits.

“If we need to have more environmental assessment, do more environmental assessment, don't shut the mine down,” Hickenlooper told KREX-TV in Grand Junction, Colorado. “Don't kick people off their jobs.”