In purple Colorado, GOP hopes for Latino gains

By now, if you follow national politics, and especially the debates over immigration, you're familiar with the fraught Republican effort to chase the Latino vote. And in Colorado, The New York Times has found a family emblematic of the GOP's challenge: Elizabeth Oxley, who owns Lupita's Mexican Restaurant in Aurora, and her daughter Leticia.

Ms. Oxley embraced an America embodied by the local Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Party. Her daughter, the first in the family born in the United States, is more socially liberal, bound for design school in Manhattan and mostly votes for Democrats. But some of their ideas do not fit neatly into party dogma. The elder Ms. Oxley says that undocumented immigrants deserve legal status, and the younger sometimes chafes at paying into a social safety net when she cannot afford to get drinks with friends.

Read the full story here, including comments from former state GOP party chair Ryan Call, who says the key to winning the Latino vote in Colorado is by "treating members of that community with respect and not adopting that harsh tone that we’ve seen with some Republican officials and candidates."