Evan Young Gets Another Chance To Deliver His Valedictorian Speech

"I'm gay": #Longmont valedictorian gives rejected graduation speech at Out Boulder: http://t.co/WbO5fQp3lh pic.twitter.com/a8XRQRjyOD

Remember Evan Young, who wasn't allowed to present his valedictorian speech at Longmont's Twin Peaks Charter Academy after he refused to edit out a portion where he intended to tell his class he's gay?

He got another chance to deliver his message.

Young delivered the speech Sunday at an awards ceremony held by the gay rights group Out Boulder. The Daily Camera reports that the crowd cheered during the speech, which ended with the 18-year-old asking people to hug someone different from themselves.

Rep. Jared Polis was among those who commended Young at the event.