Elin Palmer Performs At OpenAir

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Photo: Elin Palmer at OpenAir
Elin Palmer

Colorado singer-songwriter Elin Palmer came by the CPR Performance Studio earlier this month to perform music from her recent release, "EP EP."

Performing with the band Light Racket, Palmer showcased her skill on the guitar and nyckelharpa, an instrument from her native Sweden, with three folk-influenced songs from the new release. She also spoke with OpenAir about the ballet score she composed last year and incorporating uncommon instruments in her music.

Elin Palmer will perform at this year's Underground Music Showcase in July and at MCA Denver's Mixed Taste series on Aug. 20.

Stream the session audio above.

Songs performed:

  • "Sled Dog"
  • "Stilla Natten"
  • "Stora Stövlar"

Watch video of "Sled Dog" below.