Witnesses Recall Holmes’ Childhood In Theater Shooting Sentencing

<p>(Colorado Judicial Department via AP, Pool)</p>
<p>Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, top third from left in light-colored shirt, stands for the entrance of the jury, inside Arapahoe County District Court. </p>

A sick juror halted sentencing proceedings in the Aurora theater shooting trial Friday. So some testimony was videotaped to accommodate witnesses who need to catch flights home.

When jurors return Monday, they'll watch the tapes as they consider whether James Holmes should receive the death penalty. Holmes was convicted last week of more than 160 criminal counts in the 2012 shooting that killed 12 people at a midnight movie premier.

His public defenders are calling neighbors, family friends, coaches -- anyone who can humanize Holmes’ image as jurors weigh death or life in prison.

Martin Barrett was a neighbor in California. He told Holmes’ attorney Tamara Brady he knew the defendant as Jimmy.

Barrett told Brady that Holmes was a gentleman, was sweet, and "he never was involved in any altercations."

Katherine Barrett, also a neighbor from California, recalled a story when Holmes hung out with his sister at a waterpark, rather than follow the other boys.

"I just remember that was really sweet, he stayed back with her while the other boys went," Barrett said.

If the one juror is still sick Monday, the judge said he would consider replacing the juror with an alternate.