EPA Names Contractor Involved in Mine Spill Near Crested Butte

The Environment Protection Agency says a recent water contamination incident in Colorado involved a different contractor than August's Gold King Mine spill.

The Durango Herald reports that contractor HDR Engineering Inc. was involved in last week's contamination of Elk Creek near Crested Butte.

On Oct. 6, about 600 gallons of sediment-bearing water spilled from a holding pond at Standard Mine into Elk Creek. A vacuum truck pumping water from the holding pond accident dipped into gray-colored sediment, causing it to discharge into the creek.

HDR had subcontracted the work to Harrison Western, which then subcontracted to another company for vacuum truck operations.

It is the second EPA contractor to have problems with mine restoration work in recent months. In August, Environmental Restoration LLC made an error that polluted the Animas River.