Watch: Carpe Diem String Quartet Plays Dvorak, Fujiwara In CPR Performance Studio

<p>(Photo: CPR/Irvin Coffee)</p>

The Carpe Diem String Quartet visited the CPR Performance Studio recently and played music by two composers who weave folk melodies into their string quartet writing.

The first piece comes from Korine Fujiwara, the quartet’s violist. The Montana native incorporated memories of her home state into the music of "Fiddle Suite: Montana." Carpe Diem played two movements from the piece, which you can watch above.

The quartet -- which includes violinist Charles Wetherbee of the Boulder Philharmonic, violinist Amy Galluzzo and cellist Carol Ou -- also played a movement from Anton Dvorak's String Quartet No. 11.

The Czech composer famously drew from the music of his homeland. This movement from String Quartet No. 11, written in 1881, feature hints of folk melodies and rhythms, but there are also darker undertones at play in the harmonies.