With Sexting Headlines, Cañon City Finds Itself In An Uncomfortable Spotlight

When initial reports of Cañon City students texting each other nude photographs broke last week, news media from all over the country began chasing the story. Gawker, CNN and Fox News all weighed in.

Now, the New York Times reports that some residents of the small town west of Pueblo believe the whole ordeal has been overblown.

On Friday night, a voice yelled, “It’s just nudity!” from a large crowd outside the movie theater downtown.

Lee Daffron, a longtime resident of nearby Penrose, said: “It kind of surprised me that it’s going nationwide. But when I stop and think about it, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise.”

The local newspaper, the Daily Record, reported last week the scandal could affect "hundreds" of students. There was no mention of it on the cover of today's paper.