Winter Park Ski Train: ‘We’re Still Working On It’

<p>(Courtesy of Colorado Railroad Museum)</p>
Photo: Vintage Ski Train 1

"We're still working on it," said Winter Park's Steve Hurlbert, director of public relations and communications. "Time is kind of running out. So we're hoping to have an announcement here one way or another pretty soon."

Hurlbert couldn't give specifics about what "soon" means. The resort had hoped for regularly scheduled service from January to March. Regular service from Denver to Winter Park ended in 2009, though a few one-off runs were made last winter.

"We'd much rather do it right than do it fast," Hurlbert said of talks between the resort, Amtrak, Union Pacific and the Federal Railroad Administration. "We need to make sure the groundwork is in place that, again, this is back not for a weekend, not for a month, but it's back permanently."

A spokesman for Amtrak also said negotiations were continuing, but declined to give more information. Union Pacific did not return a call for comment.

Winter Park is set to open Nov. 18.