Body Cameras Aren’t Silver Bullet, Police Chief Says

John Jackson
(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)
<p>Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson. </p>
Photo: Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson (AP Photo)
Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson.

But Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson says more needs to be done to gain community trust.

"What we have to do is change the culture of our agencies and how our officers interact with people and use force, rather than just try to put a video on someone and catch them doing something wrong," Jackson said.

Jackson spoke at a community forum in Denver Tuesday about a package of police reform bills passed by the Legislature earlier this year. Those measures included a state grant program to help more departments add officer cameras.

Some who attended the forum expressed concerns over some of the law’s requirements -- including what public records must be released and whether local law enforcement agencies must follow state guidelines for body camera use policies.

This week, the Denver Police Department will begin equipping more than 800 officers with the devices.