Colorado, Charlotte Symphonies Make A Musical Bet On The Super Bowl

<p>(Photo: Colorado Symphony)</p>
<p>Scott O&#039;Neil, the Colorado Symphony&#039;s former resident conductor, wears his Peyton Manning jersey during a January 2013 rehearsal.</p>
Photo: Scott O&#039;Neil of Colorado Symphony in Broncos jersey
Scott O'Neil, the Colorado Symphony's former resident conductor, wears his Peyton Manning jersey during a January 2013 rehearsal.

If the Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl, the Colorado Symphony will play an arrangement of Neil Diamond’s tune “Sweet Caroline” at an upcoming concert. Associate Conductor Christopher Dragon would wear the jersey of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during the performance.

If the Denver Broncos win, the Charlotte Symphony will treat its audience to “Hoedown” from Aaron Copland’s “Rodeo” while the orchestra’s conductor wears a Peyton Manning jersey. (“Rodeo” was a highlight of the Colorado Symphony’s recent disc of Copland recordings.)

The Colorado Symphony announced the bet at its Friday concert, which aired live as part of the CPR Classical LIVE! concert broadcast series. They also played a unique version of "Hoedown" as part of the announcement:

Whatever the outcome of the game, at least listeners in the losing team’s city can expect some fun music as a consolation prize.