CDOT Says I-70 Toll Lane Helped Ease Ski Traffic

May 6, 2016
Photo: Interstate 70 traffic I-70 (AP Photo)AP
Traffic along Interstate 70 slows to a crawl due to an earlier tanker leaking on U.S. Highway 6 over Loveland Pass in a file photo.

The Denver Post reports the 13-mile express lane was open on 32 weekend days and holidays between mid-December and April.

A Colorado Department of Transportation report released Thursday says the average eastbound travel time during peak hours was about three minutes less than the previous three winters.

The biggest difference was recorded on heavy-volume days, such as Martin Luther King Day when travel time was reduced by up to 52 percent.

CDOT also says fees never reached the maximum $30, with the highest cost paid being $8 for those with an ExpressToll transponder and $14.67 for those without one.