CU Anschutz Wins Grant To Study Promising Alzheimer’s Drug

A research team at CU Anschutz has won a coveted grant to investigate a promising approach to fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s Association is awarding $1 million to research that targets brain inflammation as a key factor in the disease.

Huntington Potter, director of the team at the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center and Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome, says the money will support a two-year clinical trial involving a drug called Leukine that may slow or prevent the disease.

“It not only helps get rid of the pathological problems in Alzheimer’s disease brain, but it also helps the brain recover and reform normal connections," Potter said.

If the approach continues to show promise, the team may receive an additional $3 million for the next stage of research.

Teams in Spain, Florida and California also won $1 million grants.