Lawsuit Filed in Security, Widefield, and Fountain Water Contamination Case

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A Denver-based law firm has filed a class action suit on behalf of residents in Security, Widefield, and Fountain over drinking water contamination.

The suit alleges manufacturers of firefighting foam knew the dangers posed by chemical ingredients and failed to warn officials at Peterson Air Force Base. The foam was used for years in training exercises at the base.

While an Air Force investigation into the matter is ongoing, it's believed these foams may have leeched potentially toxic chemicals into nearby drinking water sources.

The case names 3M, National Foam, and The Ansul Company as defendants, and among other things, points to an internal 3M program reviewing personnel handling of the chemicals dating back to the 1980s.

The law firm Hannon Law filed the suit Sunday.  Colorado Springs-based McDivitt Law says they plan to file a similar suit soon.