Enjoy A New Song From Briffaut’s New Release “Helsinki”

Alex Koshak and Daniel James Eaton of Briffaut
Credit Kitty Colvin
Alex Koshak and Daniel James Eaton of Briffaut

Briffaut will be debuting some new tunes from their latest recording, Helsinki, next Tuesday evening during Vicky's music mix, between 7pm and 10pm, and the band will be playing an album release show at Denver’s Syntax Physic Opera on Friday, March 2, with In/Planes and Down Time in supporting.

Helsinki is a jazzy, psychedelic, folky, prog-rock romp combining the talents of Daniel James Eaton, Alex Koshak, Daniel Mikolajczyk, Mitch Macura, and Grant Sabin, and was recorded at Right Heel Studios in Colorado Springs. 

Here's cut from Briffaut's Helsinki called "Note from the Last Pilot":

Briffaut's fill length recording Helsinki is available for purchase on Bandcamp.