Watch Out, Scooters: Uber Launches Dockless Electric Bike Program, Jump, In Denver

<p>Courtesy of Uber</p>
Photo: Uber Bikes 1| Phone and electric bike

An app you likely already have on your phone can now find you a bike to ride in downtown Denver.

Uber announced its new Jump dockless e-bike sharing program today in Denver. As of noon, Uber users will able to see a list of dockless bikes available in the app.

The initial fleet of 250 electric-assisted bikes can provide an increase of up to 20 miles-per-hour with every pedal.

The first 5 minutes on a JUMP bike are just $1. Each additional minute costs 15 cents.

The bikes join recent dockless scooter apps Lime and Bird in Denver. The scooter companies initially landed over Memorial Day weekend before the city confiscated scooters while a permit program was put into place. Companies like Lime and Bird have almost adopted an official policy of showing up first and asking questions later.

By early 2019, Denver anticipates nearly 3,000 dockless scooters or bikes on the streets.

Jump originally launched in 2017 and is also available in San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Santa Cruz, Calif.; Chicago; Austin, Texas; Sacramento and parts of New York City.