500 Bent County Ballots Go Missing, County Will Send New Ones

<p>Courtesy Colorado Secretary of State</p>
Photo: Bent County Sample Ballot 2018 - Courtesy

A rural Colorado county will send new ballots to some of its voters after the initial round failed to reach them.

The Colorado Secretary of State's Office said Wednesday that Bent County is re-issuing one-fifth of the county's 2,500 ballots. The office says the original ballots were never delivered and the U.S. Postal Service hasn't been able to locate them.

The 500 new ballots are expected to arrive Friday. They will be processed by hand locally rather than being sent to a Denver area postal facility first.

It's the second county in the state to report significant problems delivering mail ballots in this year's election.

More than 60,000 ballots were sent to voters in Adams County outside Denver this week after they were found on a delivery truck.