Listen To A New Indie Pop Track From Denver’s Shark Dreams

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Photo: Shark Dreams single cover

We've been a fan of Denver band Shark Dreams since singer and guitarist Mike McGraw took part in our Fort Collins "Super Session" in 2017. Since then, McGraw and his band have played songs from the debut EP "Deeep" in our studio. And today, Shark Dreams shared the nostalgic synthpop song, "We Thought We Were Cool," from a forthcoming new album.

The song is out now via Staycation Records, an independent label that's also home to Colorado acts Flaural, Modern Leisure and South of France. Listen to it above.

Below, watch Shark Dreams perform "Bummer Summer" in our performance studio. Shark Dreams performs April 11 at Larimer Lounge with Blac Rabbit and Jeff Cormack.