Colorado Representatives Voted For Impeachment On Party Lines. Here’s How They (And The Senators) Are Reacting

Photos by Kevin J. Beaty and Alyson McClaren for Denverite and Nathaniel Minor for CPR News
Colorado Sens. Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet and Reps. Diana DeGette, Joe Neguse, Scott Tipton, Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, Jason Crow and Ed Perlmutter.

The U.S. House of Representatives approved both articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday on almost completely party lines.

That was mirrored with the Colorado delegation. Democratic Reps. Diana DeGette, Joe Neguse, Jason Crow and Ed Perlmutter voted to impeach on both articles Republican Reps. Doug Lamborn, Ken Buck and Scott Tipton rejected both.

The Coloradan lawmakers' positions did not change from what they indicated the day before the vote.

The impeachment process will now move to a trial in the Senate in 2020.

Here's how Colorado's Congressional lawmakers are reacting to the historic day.

Rep. Diane DeGette — Democrat, District 1

“This is a sad and solemn day in our nation’s history. None of us came to Congress to impeach a president but, when we assumed office, every one of us took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The evidence shows clearly that President Trump abused his power, put our national security at risk and sought to undermine the integrity of our elections. When he was caught, he tried to cover it up.

When a president decides to violate the public’s trust by putting their own self-interests ahead of the country’s – as President Trump has done – the House of Representatives has a duty to act. As some of our nation’s top constitutional experts have said, President Trump’s conduct is precisely what our founders feared and it’s why they gave Congress the power to remove a president from office, if necessary.

No one in this country is above the law; and President Trump, by his own actions, left us no choice but to approve the articles of impeachment against him today.”

DeGette had a high-profile role in the Wednesday debate as she presided over the House as speaker pro tempore.

Rep. Joe Neguse — Democrat, District 2

Excerpt from Neguse's floor speech:

"Unfortunately, President Trump has left us no choice. The fact of the matter is that the president abused the power of his office and invited a foreign country to interfere in our elections. In so doing, he undermined the sanctity of the free and fair elections upon which our Republic rests. Making matters worse, over the past several months, President Trump and his Administration have done everything they can to prevent Congress from uncovering the truth. Let us be clear, in the history of our Republic no president has ever obstructed Congress like this."

Rep. Scott Tipton — Republican, District 3

“Make no mistake, this process did not begin with the whistleblower report. In fact, impeachment efforts began shortly after the president was elected. The theatrics and political posturing have ensured that this body is not actually pursuing to preserve checks and balances; rather, this process echoes the calls by some that refuse to accept election results.”

Rep. Ken Buck — Republican, District 4

“Democrats' decision to lower the bar for impeachment to unprecedented and dangerous levels will have severe long term consequences for our country.

Under this standard, a president can be impeached in the absence of a crime, without due process, and for asserting a legally, Constitutionally recognized privilege.

While our institutions have been weakened by this partisan power play, it's clear Democrats voted to impeach because they cannot compete with President Trump at the ballot box. While Democrats pursue their partisan circus in Washington, President Trump and Republicans will continue our work to deliver the best economy for working people in our nation's history.

Voters want results, not resistance."

Rep. Doug Lamborn — Republican, District 5

"Sadly, today's vote on impeachment comes as no surprise. House Democrats truly hate President Trump and have been trying since the day he was elected to impeach him. I strongly and whole-heartedly voted no on these baseless articles of impeachment. There was absolutely no obstruction of Congress, and President Trump did not abuse his power. It is a sad day in the history of our country, when a president is impeached solely because the other party hates him. Alexander Hamilton warned us about hyper-partisan impeachments, I wish my Democratic colleagues would have taken note of his words. I look forward to his total exoneration in the Senate."

Rep. Jason Crow — Democrat, District 6

Excerpt from Crow's House floor speech:

"Our founders created a system to ensure we would have no kings or dictators. A system that vested power in the people to ensure that no man or woman is above the law.

Generation after generation this system has survived because people have fought for it. Today it is our turn.  

The President’s abuse of power and scorn for our constitutional checks and balances is unprecedented. Unless we stand up against these abuses we will set the country on a dangerous new course. "

Rep. Ed Perlmutter — Democrat, District 7

“By withholding $400 million Ukraine desperately needed to defend itself against Russia until Ukraine did the President’s political bidding, the President committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors for which he should be impeached. This abuse of power is compounded by the President’s refusal to cooperate with Congress’ impeachment investigation and his stonewalling of witnesses from testifying or turning over documents.

The Founders fought and died for freedom and independence from a tyrannical ruler and foreign government. Impeachment and removal from office was the remedy they included in the Constitution to act as a check on a President who placed himself above the law, abused his power for his own personal benefit, and invited foreign governments to get involved in our domestic affairs, especially our elections. 

For the sake of the Constitution, fair elections free of foreign interference, and our national security, President Trump should be impeached.”

Sen. Michael Bennet — Democrat

“This is a solemn day for America. There is clear evidence that President Trump abused his office and obstructed Congress. This has left the House of Representatives no choice but to pursue an impeachment inquiry and vote to impeach the President. Congress has few responsibilities more important than defending our constitutional order. Today, the House fulfilled that responsibility.

As the Senate begins an impeachment trial, it is critical that each of us fully assesses the evidence and any witnesses presented. The rule of law is a fundamental tenet of American democracy. Its enforcement requires elected leaders to set aside partisanship for principle. We must reaffirm our commitment to the rule of law by upholding our constitutional checks and balances.”

Sen. Cory Gardner — Republican

From a Gardner Spokesperson: " Senator Gardner believes Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry to appease the far-left has been a total circus that has only served to divide this country. Senator Gardner will be a juror and unlike what has happened in the House, he is confident the process in the Senate will be bipartisan and fair."

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