Video: President Trump’s Re-Election Rally In Colorado Springs

Updated 8:38 p.m.

There are 12 days to go before Super Tuesday, which has made Colorado a suddenly popular place for those chasing presidential aspirations.

Several Democrats have recently made the visit to altitude, like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Tulsi Gabbard, and now it's the incumbent's turn. President Donald Trump riffed for more than an hour to a near-capacity crowd in at the World Arena on Thursday night.

He touched on the Oscars, “sanctuary” cities and “phony polls.” Making a rare four-day swing through the West, Trump exuded reelection confidence. The president sought to take advantage of the jumbled Democratic field, including mocking the weak debut debate performance by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Calling him mini-Mike, Trump joked about sending Bloomberg a taunting note on the debate.