Amendment C: Conduct Of Charitable Gaming, Explained

Amendment C would change how nonprofit organizations in Colorado operate charitable gaming events like bingos and raffles.

A 55 percent majority of the vote is required for the amendment to pass.

The ballot measure would make two key changes:

  1. Allow nonprofits to apply for bingo-raffle licenses after three years of operating in the state. Currently, the requirement is five years.
  2. Allow these events to be staffed by workers from outside the organization, and to compensate them up to the minimum wage. Currently, those staffers have to be unpaid volunteers who are members of the nonprofit.

Proponents argue that Amendment C will make it easier for nonprofits to raise money for their programs. For example, organizations will no longer have to enlist and train volunteers for the events.

Opponents say having to pay workers at these games will increase overhead for the nonprofits. They also argue that professionalizing bingos and raffles make those events more like gambling than fundraising.

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