PHOTOS: Scenes From The Colorado Springs Area On Election Day

Bryan Oller for KRCC
Voters wait in line at the Fountain Library in Fountain, Colo.

During this historic election year, Colorado Springs, a longtime Republican stronghold in Colorado, appeared steady and somewhat subdued in the morning hours of Election Day.

Cars and people steadily dropped off ballots and supporters of either presidential candidate, former VP Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, were few and far between early in the day.

Here a few things we saw today:

Bryan Oller for KRCC
Barbara Smith talks on her cell phone while at the Fountain Library in Fountain, she waits to vote during the 2020 presidential election. Smith and approximately 75 other voters waited, at times, an hour and half to cast their ballots.
Bryan Oller for KRCC
Army Sergeant Trey Alexander, his wife Jasmine and daughter Aria, 2, wait in line at the Fountain Library in Fountain, Colo. along with several others to vote in the 2020 election. A line wrapped around the building and some voters waited patiently from 30 minutes to an hour an half.
Ben Hellen collects ballots at the Citizen Service Center on Garden of the Gods Road in the northwest part of Colorado Springs. A steady stream of vehicles kept them busy throughout the morning.
Bryan Oller/KRCC News
A poll worker in Colorado Springs assembles "I Voted" stickers for voters.
Manitou Springs Town Hall is one polling place for the city on Election Day.
Amanda Lee, straightens up merchandise and talks with customers who shop last minute at the "Trump Store" for President Trump and 2020 presidential election memorabilia. Flags whipped in the late afternoon wind and several Trump and Biden supporters honked their horns. "I just hope after the election we can all remain neighbors," said Lee as she folded a stack of unfolded shirts..
Bryan Oller for KRCC
Political signs in Colorado Springs
Bill Carson and Elena Ajuderlo hold signs in support of Donald Trump at the intersection of Colorado and Cascade Avenue. Carson said they experienced a mix of car honking supporters and detractors during their time there.
An array of political signs are planted in yards across Colorado Springs, including these two in front of a home on El Paso St., near downtown.