Wheelchair users and pedestrians showed top transportation brass how bad Denver’s sidewalks can be

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Nathaniel Minor/CPR News
Alejandra Castañeda pushes Nica Cave, left, as Colorado Department of Transportation and Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure officials and other pedestrian safety advocates walk along West Alameda Avenue on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Pedestrian safety advocates walked a little over a mile of Alameda Avenue with some senior-level city and state transportation officials last week.

Colorado’s roads are increasingly dangerous for people like Mack, who lives in public housing in southwest Denver and doesn’t drive. Pedestrian deaths in Colorado have nearly doubled since 2009. Now, safety advocates like Jonathon Stalls, the man behind the popular Pedestrian Dignity TikTok, are pushing officials to put pedestrians’ needs front and center — and they are finding new ways to get their message out.

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