Colorado District 4: The Democratic and Republican candidates in the 2022 elections Congressional race

Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite
Vicky Sears drops a ballot in a dropbox outside of Greeley City Hall. Oct. 24, 2021.

The Republican assembly for Colorado’s fourth congressional district provided a major surprise: a primary challenge for long time incumbent Ken Buck. Bob Lewis was nominated from the floor and took the top spot on the ballot. 

The district that makes up most of the eastern part of the state is solidly Republican and redistricting gave it an even bigger tilt toward the GOP, with a +26.6 point advantage based on the average of eight recent elections. While it mostly covers the rural plains, the district also incorporates fast-growing Douglas County and bedroom communities between Greeley and Fort Collins.

So who is running?

The Republicans

Ken Buck — The Windsor Republican has represented the district since 2015 and is seeking his 5th term in office. He currently sits on the Judiciary and Foreign Relations committees, as well as belonging to the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus and being a founding member of the new Freedom From Big Tech Caucus.

Buck has worked across the aisle to tackle big tech antitrust issues, including with fellow Coloradan Joe Neguse. A strict financial conservative, Buck has voted against the large coronavirus relief packages and other large spending and government funding bills.

He did not object to the 2020 presidential election certification, arguing Congress did not have the authority to disqualify electors sent from the states. As the former head of the GOP Party in Colorado, he has also defended the integrity of the state’s election system. Buck goes into the primary challenge with more than $600,000 cash on hand.

Bob Lewis: The Elbert County Republican owns a real estate business. He has been active in GOP politics in his county, including serving as vice-chair of the local party for five years. On his campaign website, Lewis says he’s committed to “riding for the brand.”

He said he’ll vote against legislation if it “violates the United States Constitution, or if the vote violates my campaign promises.” He also says CO-4 deserves a candidate who can “act as a disruptor to the Beast that has become Washington DC.” He said he supports the Constitution as originally intended and would vote against continuing resolutions to fund the federal government, as well as opposing any federal funding for abortion and anti-American propoganda, and vote to close the southern border from illegal crossings.

While he doesn’t mention election security on his website, Lewis criticized Buck for calling election deniers “conspiracy theorists.” There has been no evidence of widespread electoral fraud in the 2020 election. 

The Democrats

Ike McCorkle: The former Marine and single father of three is making a second run for Congress in this ruby red district. McCorkle lost to Buck in 2020, 36 percent to 60 percent. He says he is running again because “all Americans deserve representation that serves the people, not just the elite.”

He describes himself as “an unapologetic environmentalist” and says climate change is a national security issue. His platform covers a range of issues, from transitioning the energy industry to clean renewable generation to boosting affordable housing, job training, and caring for veterans.