The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for October 2022

With changing leaves and cooler weather in Colorado, October's Local 303 is bound to soundtrack the cozy season with lot's of new music from around the state.

This month we have projects of some of Denver's biggest hometown bands! Stelth Ulvang of The Lumineers started up Heavy Gus in 2020 with his wife Dorota Szuta and friend Ryan Dobrowski (Blind Pilot) creating a fresh and exciting album that makes nods to alternative pop band The Breeders from the 90s. Mark Schusterman, keyboardist of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, teamed up with his old bandmate in The Blue Rider, Scott Beck to record some songs as Amlamas, another group born out of isolation during the pandemic with a catchy blend of lo-fi indie roots rock and Motown.

Residing mountainside in Glenwood Springs, is moody folk singer-songwriter The American Feather; and from the Mile High we have indie folk pop artist Cous, who will be opening for CAAMP at Red Rocks, the iconic venue in which she grew up near! We are also excited to share songs by the enchanting Latin folk artist, Verena, who is from Mexico City and moved to Denver right before quarantine.

We have song debuts from Ben Pisano who has performed at our studio as Corsicana since his band emerged; and another past in-studio guest, Retrofette, with new songs from their August release.

Representing our hip-hop community is rising rapper Lpeez who is from Aurora and credits her family for her strength and success as a performer, and out of Greeley we have Rev. da IV, who we first discovered through Schama Noel when he performed with him this summer at one of our Local 303 Meetups!

We've been waiting for a new record by alt-country favorites Gasoline Lollipops and the locals have a perfectly autumnal and dark new album out this month, Nightmares, that we get to share before its official release! Denver's the impliers recently released their debut electro rock album, and we are also featuring new songs from the debut album by former college roommates and celebrated indie rock three-piece Blankslate.

Come hang with us and celebrate the Local 303 and our birthday on Sunday October 23rd, otherwise known as 102.3 Day!

The daytime event will be at Larimer Lounge from 2-6p with some very special performances from a few of this month's featured artists. Admission is free and open to 21+.

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music.

Meet October's picks:

The American Feather

Photo: Joel Nachtigal

Colorado Home: Glenwood Springs 

Formed: I’ve been performing as a solo singer-songwriter since 2009, and “The American Feather” was born out of a travel blog that I started when I was touring the country in my little Honda Civic in 2012. 

Latest Release: My latest release is a single called “Just Friends.” I just released it independently on September 30th! It’s kind of about being friend-zoned, but it’s more about how I treated my best (guy) friend in high school. I put myself in his shoes and wrote it from his perspective. 

Pronouns: she/her

About: Natalie, also known as The American Feather, is a contemporary singer-songwriter and storyteller through and through. Originally from south Alabama, Natalie lived in Nashville, TN for eight years before, just recently, making her home in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. 

With soft tones and alluring melodies, The American Feather weaves together storytelling that reminds us of the folk singers we loved from the 60s, with melodies that feel both timeless and brand new. When she isn’t performing IRL (that’s ‘In Real Life’), you can catch her intimate performances every week, live streamed on Twitch. 

Plans for the rest of 2022: I am so excited for the rest of 2022! I’m producing my first full-length album that will be out next year. I’m also starting the process of booking next year’s tours, which will be filled with intimate house concerts and listening rooms. So definitely stay tuned! 

Share a Halloween memory: Oh my gosh… I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but my most memorable Halloween had to be when I was featured as the main event at a kid’s birthday/Halloween party. I used to have a band that performed music for kids–we toured all over at libraries and schools. At the party I performed my high energy musical act, including a family-friendly rendition of “Thriller,” because… why not?! And the mom asked me… “You can do face paintings too right??” And I was like… “Ummm… Yeah, sure!” And I’m thinking… anything for extra tips! Anyways, that’s the night I learned that I’m a TERRIBLE face painter and left the party with twenty kids having unrecognizable butterflies and stars painted on the their faces. It was hilarious and I’ll never forget it!


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Photo: Mike Novak

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: "Electric Eyes" (Single), Self-Released, Sep. 21, 2022. Electric Eyes EP out Oct. 21, 2022

Pronouns: They, Us

About: Denver based, worldwide inspired. Boppin enough to dance with yr baby to in the kitchen in yr skimpies, sweet enough to bring home to mom and not elicit a scowl – Amlamas first single strikes a soft, soulful, fuzzed-out note that’s guaranteed to work its way into yr end-of-summer-nostalgia rotation. Put it on, put it in.

Plans for the rest of 2022: More recording, hibernating

Share a Halloween memory: [Our other band] The Blue Rider playing Halloween at Hi-Dive wearing each other’s faces!

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Photo: Alex Williams

Colorado Home: Denver


Latest Release: Summer on a Salt Flat, out Oct. 28, 2022 and singles "Bell Station" and "2301 S. High St.," out Oct. 7, 2022

Pronouns: Emma Troughton (they/them), Tess Condron (she/her), Rylee Dunn (she/her)

Band Bio: Blankslate was founded in 2018 by college roommates Emma (vocals), Tess (drums/keys) and Rylee (guitar/bass) after the trio transferred to the University of Denver from different schools. In the beginning, they practiced in a storage closet in the basement of their dorm and played small coffee shop and open mic gigs around DU before graduating to Denver’s club scene.

Plans for the rest of 2022: We’re beyond excited to release our debut album, Summer on a Salt Flat, on October 28th! We're planning an album release show later in the month to celebrate! We’re opening for Illiterate Light and the Night Spins this winter and we’ve got lots of other fun shows comin’ up.

Share a Halloween memory: When Rylee was in third grade, she nearly passed out inside the helmet of her astronaut Halloween costume, but she was fine. Also, one year she went as a shark attack.  As for Emma, one time they went to a Halloween party in college and hit it off with someone dressed in a taco suit but could never find them again. When she was in first grade, Tess fell off a see-saw on Halloween and broke her foot and couldn't trick-or-treat that year. :(


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Photo: Tre Hamlet

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2019

Latest Release: "Looking For Love" and "Lavender Champagne" are the singles off my forthcoming album Ebb & Flow out Oct. 6, 2022

Pronouns: she/her

About: Cous (·koos·) is the contrivance of singer-songwriter Cassie Wilson. Finding roots in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, her indie-folk sound combines smooth acoustics with lyrical lessons of the past to make for a thoughtful yet easy listening experience. 

Cous has been found playing unique, local venues such as Mishawaka Amphitheatre (Bellvue, CO), Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO), and The Filling Station (Bozeman, MT). Her music has received local media attention, gaining her a feature on Indie 102.3's 'The Local 303' list in March and October 2022. Bolder Beat calls her "...a breath of fresh Colorado mountain air" along with BandWagon Magazine saying she has "...a quality which elevates her above so many other Colorado musicians." Her songs have landed opportunities to open for notable acts like Fruition, Caamp and The Ballroom Thieves. With a heart full of reflection and a head full of lyrics, the songwriter is moving full speed ahead with no plans of slowing down. She is set to release her debut album Ebb & Flow on October 6, 2022. 

Plans for the rest of 2022: I'm playing my first show at Red Rocks on October 3rd opening for Caamp with Futurebirds. I am epically stoked for this show. I grew up 15 minutes away from RR so it's going to be a real full circle moment for me. I'm then releasing my debut album Ebb & Flow on October 6th. It's going to be a rowdy start to the fall! Keep your eyes peeled for some front range album release shows as well...I've got fresh tunes, fresh merch and fresh faces joining me on stage!

Share a Halloween memory: I love seeing all the Halloween get-ups people pull together. I did a nice Carol Baskin one year in tandem with my black & white Husky mix dog, Banjo, who was my tiger. I also played a Halloween show a few years back at Ophelia's in Denver which one to remember. It was with the band No Touch I was previously in and co-founded. The whole band showed up in onesie and were looking fresh to death (despite the absolute sweat fest it quickly turned into - lesson learned wearing a fleece onesie while performing).


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Photo: Jordan Altergott

Colorado Home: I (Ben) live in Aurora, but the rest of the band lives in Denver & Lakewood!

What year did your band form: I started using the name in June or July of 2014, and we played our first show that September as part of Englewood Fun Fest. 

Latest Release: We just self-released a new single on Sep. 13, "The Torchbearer" (:

Pronouns: I (Ben) use he/him.

About: hi, ben here - i’ve written, performed, and recorded music with my friends under this name for the better part of a decade. mostly it’s shoegaze & dream pop adjacent indie rock with some bleep bloops for flavor. i pull from all my favorite parts of the music i listen to, so you may hear some Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, Yellow Ostrich, and Radiohead in there. i hope you have a nice time listening <3

Plans for the rest of 2022: We'll be opening up for Kerala Dust at the Aggie on 10/20, which we're really excited about! We're also planning the release of our new record sometime next year, so definitely keep an eye out for news on that...

Share a Halloween memory: Oh man. On Halloween day 2018, we played this really sick costume party-house show hybrid where all the bands had to cover an 80s tune in addition to covering a tune by one of the other performing artists. So basically, everyone was covering each other. I was absolutely floored by a gorgeous loop-based cover of my song "Berlin" by Spencer LaJoye. Corsicana, on the other hand, played what I am almost certain is the sloppiest set we've ever played. Let me be clear, that one was entirely on us - our hosts, the rest of the show, the crowd, the costumes, and the whole concept were all awesome. I'll just say that I was happy to remain as anonymous as possible behind my Slenderman getup for the rest of the night.

Website: (this is also our bandcamp)

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Gasoline Lollipops

Photo: Lisa Siciliano

Colorado Home: The band lives across Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Lafayette.

Formed: The Gas Pops formed in 2005 as a cow-punk duo with Jonny "Machine Gun" Mouser on drums, in a muddy hole in the ground outside of Lafayette, CO.

Latest Release: Nightmares, Oct. 14, 2022 

Pronouns: He/Him  

About: Gasoline Lollipops stitch scraps of American roots music to patches of their own tattered hearts to form an all-new tapestry of bleeding rock n’ roll. Front man, Clay Rose was raised between an outlaw, truck-driving father in the mountains of Colorado and a country song-writing mama in the sticks outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Clay’s penchant for open roads and trouble making are the backbone of the Gas Pops’ sound. The rest of the band consists of Don Ambory, Scott Coulter, “Bad” Brad Morse, and Kevin Matthews who all come equipped with music degrees from Chicago, Boston, Jacksonville, and Denver, respectively. They each add flavors of their own background and heritage, further diversifying the band’s signature sound.

Plans for the rest of 2022: Album releases at Boulder Theater Oct 14th, Aggie Theatre Oct 21st

Share a Halloween memory: My favorite Halloween memory is trick or treating with my two year old daughter for the first time last year. The way she lit up while engaging in Halloween activities gave me a rejuvenated zeal for the season and all the neighbors' kindness towards her partially restored my faith in humanity. -Bradley, Bassist

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Heavy Gus

Photo: Lauren Jacobson

Colorado Home: Stelth and Ryan lived in Denver, now Ryan lives in Tucson and Stelth and Dorota are in Bishop, CA.

Formed: 2020, year of the pandemy babyyy 

Latest Release: Notions, BMG, Aug. 5, 2022

Pronouns: As a band we are they/them and individually Dorota is she/her and Stelth and Ryan are he/him.

About:  Born of the stark beauty and bittersweet desolation of the high desert, Heavy Gus blurs the lines between grungy garage band fare, hazy surf, and dreamy indie rock on their captivating full-length debut, Notions. Bristling with live-wire electricity, the collection is lean and spare, fueled by distorted guitars and a driving rhythm section, and the performances are loose and organic to match, captured spontaneously in the moment with little room for overthinking or second-guessing. 

“We didn’t realize we were making an album at first,” says songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Stelth Ulvang. “I don’t even think we realized we were a band. Only later when we started to hear the mixes did we realize how special it was, that this was a thread we needed to follow together.” 

While all three bandmates come to Heavy Gus from very different worlds—Ulvang from The Lumineers, drummer Ryan Dobrowski from Blind Pilot, and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Dorota Szuta from an unlikely combination of marine science and music—they fit together like puzzle pieces here, bound by the kind of love and trust that can only grow from years of deep kinship. The result is a record all about distance and connection from a band built on intimacy and personal chemistry, a mesmerizing debut that calls to mind everything from Meat Puppets and The Breeders to Yo La Tengo and Acetone in its artful balance of hope and fatalism, loneliness and desire, strength and vulnerability.

Plans for the rest of 2022: Do a mini tour in the midwest and south and start cooking some songs for the next record!

Share a Halloween memory: When I was a kid I loved trick or treating SO much, but how were you supposed to use the bathroom when you're going door to door at stranger's houses? One year I had to pee so bad that I just went as I was standing on someone's porch waiting for them to open the door. They came, gave us candy, and I walked away from the puddle like nothing happened. Candy! (which bandmate? We'll never tell)


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the impliers

Photo: Lela K

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: We have played together since we were 15 years old, but the impliers project formed in 2019, our debut album just launched Aug. 19, 2022

Latest Release: Cocoon, Redbird Moon Music, Aug. 19, 2022

Pronouns: Dan Hartman - He/Him, Charles Ingram - He/Him

About: The impliers are a multimedia explosion of features sprawling psychedelic, electro indie-pop, comedic infomercials, cleverly hilarious visuals, and playfully tripped-out music videos. The impliers bring an art/pop/noir surrealism to contemporary music. Songs veer off into weird journeys, and their productions are thoughtfully layered, demanding multiple listens to take in the full majesty of their carefully composed soundscapes. These thickets are dense with oddly-tuned guitars, textured synths, electronic beats, rubbery bass, complex Beach Boys-esque harmonies, lushly textured soundscapes, atonal riffs, twitchy funk, and sublime melodicism. This is genre-defying music, yet, if you listen closely, you can glimpse strains of early Radiohead, NIN, The Beach Boys, Tame Impala, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Depeche Mode, Blonde Redhead, Pixies, and Beck. 

The multi-instrumentalists handle A-Z of the impliers output. Writing, producing, playing all the instruments; self-funding, managing, publishing and releasing their musical product;  conceptualizing, directing, and producing all the band’s exuberant videos; creating its playfully retro-tinged visual imagery; and even developing its sharp marketing docket. 

Our album cocoon is an eclectic collection that hangs together with focused artistic intent. It defies genres, yet exhibits a signature sound as it winds through lush indie-folk, synth-pop, ethereal electro-pop, dream-pop, grimy distorted indie rock, cinematic almost-Western soundscapes, industrial pop, piano balladry, and dark wave. Thematically, the pair explore heavy topics with abstract poetics. “cocoon is a very vulnerable album that explores some of the complexities of the human condition and the impact it has on all of us in a very honest way. The cocoon that is our human self for our soul is an interesting metaphor for us,” Dan says. 

cocoon is parts 3 through 5 of a multiple album project with a cohesive story and theme that will be unveiled over several years. In addition, Dan and Charles are finishing up several solo albums they support each other on. Reflecting on cocoon, Dan says: “Musically and lyrically, the album evolved from a deep place for us. It’s a sort of love letter to music and mental illness awareness, and we hope some people can really connect with it.”

Plans For the Rest of 2022: We're heads down in creative flow working on the next of our series of concept albums in the pipeline! That and working on a compelling live presentation we hope to start debuting as the weather starts to thaw in 2023.

Share a Halloween Memory: We used to play packed, hectic skatepark shows as teenagers on Halloween, a notable one featured Tony Foresta (Singer for Municipal Waste) dressed as the Spice Girls with his band James River Scratch. However, for us, it is always Halloween, we have an entire costume closet, take a look at our social media you can get an idea of how we incorporate costumes into our regular life.


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Photo: Kevin Hernandez

Colorado Home: I live in Aurora. I moved to Denver from Hawaii. I was an army baby!

Formed: Lpeez was created at young age, say around 15, 16 years old. I would say my career started to create its path about sophomore year in high school. So about 2007.

Latest Release: My latest release is the Where's Peezy album out Mar. 17, 2022.

Pronouns: She/Her

About: Porshiea Gillett, rapper Lpeez, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She lived in several places such as Atlanta, Georgia and then made her way to Colorado. She says her biggest Influence is her mother, stating, “I love her beyond words.” Gillett’s father broke her heart leaving her at the young age of 2, and it still hurts to this day. She began doing music at 10 years old and used to hide it from her family because she wasn’t sure if she was really talented or not. J Cole is her biggest musical influence with his storytelling and honest lyrics. She also says her biggest musical inspirations in Colorado are Trev Rich, AP, and Doobie Newton because each artist is hard working with amazing writing skills as well as having a huge following.

Lpeez herself is talented lyrically , which will keep her around for decades. Her greatest accomplishment headlining her first show for the first time in 2019 as well opening for big artist like Tory lanes, Tink and Pleasure P. Family is everything to her. Her grandparents are her heart. Her whole family is just like all of the above for me.  She is hoping to leave a legacy and pave the way for others. 

Plans For the Rest of 2022: I plan to drop at least 3 more music videos, closing the year with huge accomplishments and great assets to add to my music resume. 

Share a Halloween Memory: I have plans to create a huge Halloween memory on Oct. 28 performing at Meow Wolf for the first time! Catch me with KENT WASHINGTON III for the 'INTLHAUS' SHOW! TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!

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Photo: Daniel Dimarchi

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2016

Latest Release: Oh No, Self-Released, Aug. 26 2022

Pronouns: He/ Him

About: Retrofette knows that we’re all going through a thing right now, and thinks you should dance about it. Struggles with depression, dread, and anxiety are as much in their DNA as Grace Jones, Memphis Milano, synthesizers, and turtlenecks. The band’s recognition of the darkness in the world, and their unrelenting optimism in its face, is what has endeared their danceable synthpop to audiences in their hometown and around the world.

Plans for the rest of 2022: We are laying low and accomplishing some personal projects for the rest of 2022. Getting married, going to school, and traveling to see family. Expect Retrofette back in full force in the spring of 2023.

Share a Halloween memory: While not right on Halloween, in October of 2016 we filmed a music video for one of our first releases, "Skeletons." We had a friend dress up in a skeleton outfit and dance to the song while we filmed from the back of a car. During the shoot, the temperature dropped 30 degrees and it started blizzarding which made for a great video, but had us all huddling in the car with the heat on between takes. The night capped off with a run in with Denver police, who received a call about a creepy man dancing around in a skeleton costume.. Sorry to whoever we scared!


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Rev. da IV

Photo: Sergio Noe

Colorado Home: Greeley

Formed: 2018-ish

Latest Release: "TOAST" (feat. D1 Drex), out Aug. 31, 2022

Pronouns: he/him/his

About: In the Mountain West’s virtually untapped goldmine of drill-inspired savants and SoundCloud-savvy mumble rappers, there is a hidden gem named Rev. da IV (born Havea “Harvey” Tukutau) ready to put Colorado hip-hop on the map. Born in Denver and raised in Wyoming and Utah before returning to Colorado, Rev. has built up a strong network of artists scattered all over the Mountain West. By collaborating with artists from different regions, he has collected a range of influences while also developing his own multi-faceted sound. Inspired by the raw exuberance of Chicago rap wunderkinds like Chance the Rapper, Smino, and Saba, Rev. brings a much-needed freshness to Colorado’s burgeoning hip-hop scene.

Now based in Greeley, Colorado, Rev. made a splash with his debut single “Better Days,” released in July of 2018. The infectious track, which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Professor Fox, premiered on the Chicago blog 4th Shore Hip Hop and quickly gained traction among listeners across the country. Following the release of “Better Days,” Rev. got the opportunity to sharpen his live performance chops, performing all over Denver and Northern Colorado alongside local acts like Devin Tremell and Mitchell James. Notably, in 2019, Rev. opened for Phony Ppl during the Denver stop of their Mo’Zai-ik Tour, at the iconic Denver venue Cervantes’ Other Side. He then kicked off 2020 with the catchy single “Scrunchie Gang,” featuring one of the most prolific rappers in Colorado, Schama Noel.

In May of 2020, Rev. da IV released his debut EP, Oh YAWP!, which caught the attention of the Colorado publication Westword. Westword journalist Cleo Mirza wrote, “Favoring real instruments over synths and drum beats, the album is mellow yet bouncy, playful and sunny, but still dripping with attitude and swagger.” Finally making his post-pandemic return to the stage, Rev. da IV performed alongside Sol & Sam Lachow in October 2021, where he hinted at an upcoming second collaboration with Schama Noel as well as his own singles. That return was the start to a phenomenal run of shows Rev. has done across Colorado and Utah most notably doing a halftime show at a University of Northern Colorado Men’s Basketball game in January. The would be fourth generation reverend’s contagious joy and ability to work a crowd are not to be missed, as seen at his most recent show at the 100th Annual Greeley Stampede.

Rev. da IV finally released his first single since May 2020 on August 31st titled "TOAST" featuring D1 Drex. Expect to see Rev da IV’s name on your news feeds and on your coolest friends’ playlists this next year as he gears up for his first release on October 29th.

Plans for the rest of 2022: I will be dropping a collaboration single with my close friend 40cat titled "idk. ii" and performing a bunch getting ready for a crazy 2023 run.

Share a Halloween memory: My favorite Halloween costume I ever had was being the Pittsburgh Steelers legend Troy Polamalu. I have the hair for it so it always is a favorite by a lot of people.

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Photo: Eric Salas, edited by Jorge Fajardo

Colorado Home: Denver. I moved from Mexico City, Mexico about 3 years ago!

Formed: I started my musical project more professionally in 2019 when I released my first single ever!

Latest Release: My latest release is a song called "Till The Day," which was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra (the orchestra that scored Parasite among other big projects). The release date is August 12th, and the label under which this specific song was released was Emphas!s, owned by my dear friend and producer Andres Guerrero (Latin Grammy Award Winner).
It can be streamed on all digital platforms!

Pronouns: She/her

About: Verena is a Mexican singer/songwriter, born in Mexico City, and based in Denver, CO. With her music, she seeks to explore and communicate raw, genuine, and vulnerable emotions while incorporating her influences within contemporary pop and Latin American music. She strives to speak up about her experiences as a woman, a POC, a daughter, a friend, a partner, a human. The genre of her musical project is mainly Contemporary Pop / R&B / Neo-Soul. 

Plans for the rest of 2022: I am very fortunate because I will have several shows in October and I will have another release before the end of the year. And among those shows I will do my first out-of-state show in New York City on October 28th. Stay tuned on my social media to find more details!

Share a Halloween memory: I remember when I was little I had a friend who’s mom loved to go all out for Halloween, so she invited us to her place and her mom had the most beautiful Maleficent costume. She took her role very seriously, acted like Maleficent sat us all down in a circle and told us horror stories. She then gave us candy. Another thing that I always loved about this time of the year when living in Mexico my whole life is that Día De Muertos is coming up and my days were full of hot chocolate and what we call Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead), that is a typical sweet bread that is eaten in October/November in Mexico, it is delicious and I miss it so much!

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