Denver police officer faces civil lawsuit from bystander injured in LoDo shooting

Courtesy: Denver Public Safety
A still from Denver Police bodycam footage from July 17, 2022, when officers fired into a LoDo crowd after a fight on the sidewalk.

A 23-year-old woman who says she suffered life-changing injuries when Denver police officers opened fire into a large crowd last July, has filed a civil lawsuit against Brandon Ramos, the only officer facing criminal charges in the shooting.

Angelica Rey filed the suit in Denver District Court on Tuesday. Rey said she was walking down Larimer Street with a friend to celebrate a promotion at work when three Denver police officers opened fire on a man who allegedly pointed a gun at them. Six bystanders, including Rey, were caught in the crossfire. 

One of the stray bullets hit Rey in her lower right leg. According to the lawsuit, Rey has suffered from permanent neurological damage because the bullet severed a nerve. She alleges the wound has caused financial difficulties due to medical bills and lost wages, as well as “noneconomic damages including pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of quality of life.” 

Ramos is the sole Denver police officer named in the lawsuit, and his employer at the time of the shooting, the Denver Police Department, is not listed as a defendant. Ramos was also the only DPD officer indicted by a grand jury for his involvement in the shooting. He faces two counts of second degree assault; three counts of third-degree assault knowing/reckless and another three counts of third-degree assault negligence with a deadly weapon. Other charges include one count of prohibited use of a weapon and five counts of reckless endangerment, according to court records. 

The other two officers who fired their guns have not faced criminal charges. The district attorney and the grand jury found their actions were legally justified.

Ramos, who served as a DPD officer for three years before the shooting, is currently suspended without pay.

CPR reporter Lacretia Wimbley contributed to this report.