The huge wind tower manufacturing plant in Pueblo County is growing

Grace Hood/CPR News
Inside Vestas Wind Systems’ steel production building in Pueblo, Colo., large sections of wind towers are molded from flat slabs. (May, 2019)

The South Korean company CS Wind broke ground on an expansion to its sprawling facility on Tuesday. When complete the project is expected to boost production to some 10,000 wind tower sections annually and create about 850 jobs. 

The new addition should be finished in 2028 according to a press release from the construction contractor. The towers manufactured there will continue to be shipped across the nation. CS Wind purchased the location from Denmark-based Vestas two years ago, adding to its manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe and elsewhere in the United States. 

The first towers rolled off the line in Pueblo in 2009. Since then the number of employees making towers at the facility has gone up and down, but currently numbers in the hundreds. Layoffs and rehiring have occurred during swings in the renewable energy market.

The tower manufacturing process requires some specific skill sets, so the company plans to work with Pueblo Community College to provide workforce training programs for employees.

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