Renew your vows, then grab a turkey leg. It’s the Renaissance Festival’s Romeo and Juliet weekend

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Jessica Duran/KRCC News
Couples renew their vows onstage during the Colorado Renaissance Festival June 30, 2023.

Love was in the air at the Colorado Renaissance Festival this past weekend. 

Each year, the Larkspur-based festival hosts a Romeo and Juliet weekend, in which couples have the opportunity to renew their vows. 

One of those couples was Pinkie and John Stepp who renewed their vows for the 16th year in a row. They started going to the festival some 17 years ago and were recognized by staff due to how well they dressed. 

“They asked us to be the exemplar couple,” said Pinkie. “And after that, we became a part of the cast.” 

Jessica Duran/KRCC News
Pinkie and John Stepp (left) renew their vows onstage with other couples.

The two have been married for a total of 52 years. At the festival, they play the Duchess and Duke of Northfolk, aunt and uncle to the Queen. 

“Here you can be anyone you want to be and renew your vows with the person you love most,” she said. 

Despite the frequency at which the two renew their vows, the experience remains special. 

“The words in the vow renewal made us both tear up, and, after 52 years that’s not easy to do,” said Pinkie. “This is our fun place, and doing it here is marvelous.”

Jessica Duran/KRCC News
Couples walk down the aisle to renew their vows at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.
Jessica Duran
Larkspur, Colorado on June 30, 2023.

As the Archbishop of Canterbury, played by Steve Adams, read the vows, couples participated in the renewal both on and off stage. 

Anyone in the crowd had the opportunity to take a ribbon and rose and go through the ritual with their partner. 

“It’s a very joyous time. Everyone is here to have fun,” Adams said. “I really like bringing happiness to people. They want to be happy, and I just guide them through it.”