The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for October 2023

With changing leaves and cooler weather in Colorado, October's Local 303 is bound to soundtrack this cozy season with lots of new music from around the state. From indie folk to pop, hip-hop and R&B, emo and punk, this month proves that the Centennial State continues to impress with its new music discovery.

Hailing from Colorado Springs is punk act One Of These Nights, as well as Denver's DAYSHAPER who have an upbeat pop punk rock vibe. Indie folk band The Dollhouse Thieves have a new single out, and we'll also hear new laid back indie tracks by Walden — perfect for the new season. We'll play cuts from the new EP by longtime local fixture s.t3v, who has worked with former Local 303 bands Waiting Room and Soy Celeste. ROZZAY and Lady Los bring the R&B and hip-hop this month, and listen for the collaborative ego n friends who produce electropop R&B songs with exciting appearances by rappers Thinh Can and ReSrface.

We also welcome local transplants CRLO from Chicago and SARAH CHRISTINE from Minneapolis, who both relocated to Denver from the Midwest to pursue music here and bring a jolt of energy to the local scene. Lastly, we celebrate new releases from former Denver artists Wildermiss and Strawberry Runners, indie pop bands who are receiving national radio airplay.

Join us in person to for our monthly Local 303 Meetup to celebrate Colorado musicians and music fans from our community. We host a music meeting where you get to vote on some new local songs, sign up to win concert tickets, and see a live performance by CRLO. The meetup takes place at the Skylark Lounge, upstairs in the Bobcat Club, on Monday, Oct. 30 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Get into the Halloween spirit with us and come dressed as your favorite musician! This event is 21+ and free to get in. The Skylark Lounge is located at 140 S. Broadway in Denver.

BONUS: When you come to the meetup, pick up a poster designed by Stuart Alden of Ink Lounge. He screen prints 50 posters for the meetup and you can get one while supplies last!

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music.

Meet October's picks:


Photo: Taylor O'Doherty

Band Lineup: Derek Zook (he/him) - Drums, Scott Mayo (he/him) - Bass, Cole Burke - Guitar (he/him)

Colorado Home: Denver (LoHi) but like to represent my hometown of Chicago as I moved out here 2 years ago

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: Call Me When Your Heart Remembers EP, Self-released on September 19th, 2023

About: CRLO is a solo pop punk/emo artist from Chicago who is bringing his own flavor of the alternative community to the 303 scene. Growing up in the midwest, he was part of the community that produced bands like Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Hot Mulligan, Belmont and close friends in Action/Adventure. 

His sold-out Denver debut show at Globe Hall last year attracted many new fans and underground magazines such as Flora Fauna, LoHi Lifestyle & Denver Voyager to name a few collabs. 

He spent most of 2023 working on his music catalogue and now looks to deepen the impact on the Denver music scene. 

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Photo: Maxie Bilyeu

Band Lineup: Taylor Anastasio: Lead Vocal/Guitar, Avery Cox: Background Vocal/Guitar, Colby Francoeur: Bass, Dylan Nash: Drums

Colorado Home: We all live in the Denver-Metro area and originally  located out of Lafayette Colorado.

Formed: We started Dayshaper in 2020

Latest Release: Our latest release is  'EMPTY HOUSE EP' Which is a four song EP that we self-released in June of 2023 with the help from our friend and producer Taylor Hahn. 

About: Dayshaper was formed with the intent to have high energy riffs with a modern twist on a nostalgic sound. A little bit of pop, a little bit of rock, a little bit of metal, and whole lot of fun. We just focus on having fun, doing what we love, and trying to write as best as we can.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We have been working on a whole bunch of new music that we cannot wait show everyone. There has been a huge push for growth of our sound and what we have been writing. It's going to elevate our sound to whole new level and its gonna rage. 


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The Dollhouse Thieves

Photo: Kenzi Everitt

Band Lineup: Niki Tredinnick (she/her): Vocals, rhythm guitar, woodwinds, Luke Tredinnick (he/him): Vocals, keys, brass, accordion, Stephen Dexter Bott (he/him): Drums, Ryan Self (he/him): Bass, synth bass, Jacy James Anderson (he/him): Lead guitar, vocals

Colorado Home: Denver/Fort Collins

Formed: 2015, as an acoustic folk rock trio (have changed our sound and added more members)

Latest Release:
“Take Me Down” (single), Aug. 12, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows:
October 1st at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins
November 30th at New Terrain Brewing in Golden
December 22nd Holiday Show at Enigma Bazaar in Denver, with special guests

About: The Dollhouse Thieves is a multi-instrumental Denver project started by husband and wife team Niki and Luke Tredinnick that blends elements of neo-rock with indie-folk, using jazz-influenced vocals and unconventional instruments such as accordion, clarinet, and trombone. The band members all hold music degrees in composition, education, and performance, and share over a decade of performing and writing music together in various settings across the country to make them an exceptional group. Their aptitude for singing and playing a multitude of string, percussion, woodwind, brass, and keyboard instruments within a wide array of styles evokes enchantment and delight in their audiences. They also really like beer and cats.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: October’s a big month for our band, as Luke and Niki are having a baby, and Jacy is getting married. We’re excited to take some time off from performing to focus on releasing new music. We have a couple singles in production and a new album on the horizon, so stay tuned!


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ego n friends

Photo: Erik Branom

Band Lineup: Aditya Kamath as "ego" along with artist collabs on songs

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: January 2022

Latest Release: New single "IBIZA (that's ok)" on September 25th, 2023

Upcoming Shows:
OCTOBER 28TH at the Aggie Theater opening for Graymattr

About: Hailing from the Bay and now making waves in Colorado, Ego is an artist born out of the vibrant creative landscapes of San Francisco, Chicago, and Colorado. With his electrifying performances, Ego effortlessly captivates audiences, drawing them into his high-octane and atmospheric musical world. Recently, he has embraced the power of collaboration, finding success with singles like "LOSE ALL CONTROL" and "GHOST," featuring talented artists such as Resrface, SPACEDOUTMARS, and Nelo.

Beyond his own music, Ego is also recognized as one of Denver's finest community builders, bringing his expertise in mixing, mastering, production, engineering, content creation, and hosting an engaging podcast. Alongside his talented circle of collaborators, Ego is forging his own distinctive path in Denver's vibrant indie/hip-hop scene.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: In September, Ego, Erik Branom & Chance Eugene opened their new music/photo/clothing design studio called Friendly Collective. Friendly Collective aims to make Denver a major art capital of the country through the power of collaboration. "We aim to create a safe space for artists to express themselves fully while retaining the quality of a major record label."  


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Lady Los

Photo: Celia Herrera aka Selecta C

Band Lineup: Lady Los (she/her/they/them) - Lead Vocals, Songwriter, composition/production(Though it is worth noting that my husband/artist Mo.Go.M is my selecta/DJ)

Colorado Home: Westwood/Denver

Formed: 2021-2022. I began working with Nick Moulds aka Deep Breath on our mini album NO SHADOWS; we released it on September 27, 2022. At the same time, I started working on a song (Honey Do) with my cousin Malik Carter aka ProducedbyCarter and one song turned into an entire album called Choices Were Made, released on November 17, 2022.

Latest Releases:
HOTBOX (single) by Lady Los, Nelo, & Vante Miles(producer is Vante) was released August 3, 2023, from the label Lady Los Productions/ Choices Were Made (debut album) by Lady Los was produced by ProducedbyCarter and was released November 17, 2022, from the label Lady Los Productions/ On October 21, 2023 I will be releasing a new single called FLY by Lady Los. It is produced by Mic Coats and will be released from the label Lady Los Productions.

Upcoming Shows: I have a show on October 4th at The Broadway Roxy, On October 28th I will be performing at The Witches Ball in Butte, MT at The Copper Club in the historic Finlen Hotel

About: Lady Los is a psychedelic neo-soul goddess who hails from the Mile High City. She provides the universe with sweet, soothing melodies and mantras. She is a creator of chilled-out R&B that makes you slow down and be present. Lay up, attune your energy, or take a ride to smooth, psychedelic, neo-soul sounds from Lady Los…

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: On October 21, 2023, I will be releasing a new single called FLY by me, Lady Los. It is produced by Mic Coats and will be released from the label Lady Los Productions. I will be releasing a new music video made at Virtual Production Studio with Director Ave, as well as new artwork for the single by Jihad Ford for this song.


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One Of These Nights

Photo: Ashton Booth

Band Lineup: David Gashaw (he/him) - Vocals, Guitar.  Daniel Oglesby (he/him) - Drums, Production

Colorado Home: Colorado Springs

Formed: 2020

Latest Release: "Grounded" (single), August 2, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: October 14 @ Brues Alehouse (Pueblo, CO) w/ Not.Greenday (All Ages).  November 18 @ Vultures (COS) w/ TBA.

Forming in 2020 as a trio, the band released their self-titled EP in November 2021.  After a brief hiatus in 2022, the band emerged as a 2-piece in 2023 and have released 3 singles so far.  The group writes palatable punk songs with pop vocal melodies and swirling synth textures that add an extra layer of sound not normally found in the genre. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Our next single is currently in the works and will be released by year's end. 


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Photo: Emilio Chacon

Band Lineup: Solo - ROZZAY OR RO$$AY

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021 is the year that I started releasing and performing music as RO$$AY/ROZZAY.

Latest Release: “Messenger Who Shot Back” - Self Released on 7/20/2023. Additionally, entirely Self Produced by RO$$AY/ROZZAY

Upcoming Shows: Show at the Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues in downtown Denver on Nov. 17.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: I started my solo career in 2017 after former band SarahLou dissolved. Our 9-5's changed gears and all of us moved out of Minnesota to different states, which is how I got to Denver! I started writing and performing as Sarah Christine then and began my journey with Jackie's Boy in October of 2022. We recorded an album over this last year in Miami and LA. The full band was formed here in Denver in 2023.  

Latest Release:
"Body Forward" (Single) - July 7, 2023 - Self Released
"All In" (Single) - August 18, 2023 - Self Released
"Share a Pillow" - Coming soon - Sept 29 - Self Released
"Tall Girl" - Coming soon - November 10 - Self Released
The Album "Hotel Earth" will release in January in order to qualify for 2025 awards.

Upcoming Shows:
10/1 - Minneapolis, MN - Rooftop of "The Sexton" as a pre-show prior to the Macklemore concert at The Armory. This is a surprise show for an 11 year old fan that is fighitng cancer. 
10/5 - Chicago (this is not confirmed yet but we are in finals to open for Sam Tompkins)
10/7 - ILLA Women Takeover (venue is a surprise that we are announcing soon)
10/28 - The CURE Gala - Denver, CO
11/5 - (this is not confirmed yet but we are in finals for the NYC marathon)
2024 nationwide tour currently being booked

About: Sarah Christine is an award-winning Colorado based up and coming pop star. Currently produced by Grammy winning and 18 million record selling, Jackie’s Boy. Sarah Christine’s new album, Hotel Earth, is currently rolling out with singles, Body Forward, ALL IN out now. The album is expected to drop early January while singles continue to build momentum for her upcoming Hotel Earth tour.

With a strong passion for all aspects of the writing and recording process, Sarah Christine creates music you'll find yourself playing on repeat and adding to your Spotify Playlists.  Her voice and tone are alike no other out there and are undeniably rare and unique!  Propelled by an innate desire to base her entire musical adventure and journey on the sole theme of being “In It Together”. Grateful for her team and community support across the country and globally, Hotel Earth is expected to climb the charts and climb the hearts of all of her listeners. Sarah Christine’s live performances are commanding and unforgettable. She has a gift of making even the largest stages feel like an intimate connection. 

Sarah’s core story brings light into many chapters in her life she’s overcame that demonstrate strength, perseverance and bravery. She encourages people to be bold, let go, let in, and GO ALL IN, which is displayed through so many of her lyrics.  Sarah Christine was recently acknowledged as one of the most anticipated up and coming singer songwriters with a tour to be revealed soon for 2024 as well as an upcoming second tour opening for Jackie's Boy!

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: YES! We can't say what award yet, but "ALL IN" is in the running for a major music award in two pop categories. YAY!  We are also excited to begin our journey with the infamous Jason Dauman and continued new music coming under the production of Grammy winning, dear friend, Jackie's Boy. Our album "Hotel Earth" will fully release in January. A little sneak peak is it has a very special flow, with introductions to each song (that all came to me in a dream) that I worked with my dear friend and producer out of London, Arrun Harker on. The whole goal was to help people to slow down a bit again (like back in the day with vinyls) and listen to the full album from start to finish. It embodies a message that we believe is really powerful and sends a message about our music mission. To love our bodies, every shape and size (body forward (ft AVO)).  To believe in the power of your dreams and limit fears about going "all in." That love is love (share a pillow (ft Jackie's Boy). An anthem for all the tall girls out there (I'm 6'2'' so hey, we had to :)) - Tall Girl. Equality and respect for one another (Sidewalks). My coming out story - "the letter." Being thankful and grateful on our short time here - at hotel earth - "Thankful" ft country hip hop star Louie Bello. 


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Photo: Eden Figeroua

Band Lineup: Stevie Gunter (all/(none)) - Producing, Arranging, Composing, Performing

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: postcards2luvrs EP, Sep. 21, 2023, Self Released

About: Denver, CO-based singer-songwriter Stevie Gunter treats genre with indifference, bridging grunge, indie rock, soul and jazz.


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Strawberry Runners

Photo: Juliette Boulay

Band Lineup: The band is Emi Night (they/them) along with a changing arrangement of musicians 

Former Colorado Home: Denver

Current Location: Between Brooklyn and Hudson, NY

Formed: 2013

Latest Release: Strawberry Runners (self-titled LP), August 25, 2023, Self-Released via Emi's new label Duper Moon Records

Upcoming Shows: The album release show in Brooklyn on October 6 in Brooklyn at The Owl Music Parlor with Matt Bachmann and Quarterly.

About: Strawberry Runners are the horizontal stolons that emerge from the strawberry plant to produce new strawberry plants. Songwriter, Emi Night drew inspiration for their project's name from their mother's garden and the strawberry plants she grew.  Night thinks of this connector as a metaphor for the connection between mother and child, present and future, writer and song.

The richness of their music is in Night’s tender and easy integration of the varied styles she’s called home: most of the songs maintain a humble faith in brevity; melody compels every word with the mystery and familiarity of a hymn. Basking in the poetry of vulnerability, like a love letter to a stranger, their songs ignite your heart and echo for days in your ear; poignant scenes are conjured with the reverence, acuity, singularity, and elegance of great prose. These are the kind of songs that ring true no matter how close or far they hew to the experience of the listener; they are pictures painted from a life too often troubled by brutality and grief, but also graced with an inheritance of compassion, resolve, and — best of all for us — music.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: I am working on recording two new records starting this winter.  One will have more of a live folk sound with full-band arrangements, and I'll be working with a new producer on that one, but I'm not ready to announce who it is just yet.  The other will lean more into the pop/experimental aesthetic that's begun to emerge in the newest album, which I'm co-producing with my bandmate Michael Cormier-O'Leary again. These two albums will be two wholly new batches of songs that haven't been recorded or released before.

I have plans to tour more in the Spring and Summer next year!

Since you're a former Colorado artist, how has life changed for you as a musician since you've left: I had a good network of collaborators in Denver, and leaving that network forced me to dig deeper into my own writing and internal resources to continue producing music.  It wasn't easy to start over and form new connections, but it's made me more resourceful, I take less for granted, and my dedication to making music is even stronger than it was when I lived in CO.


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Photo: Seth Beamer

Band Lineup: Richard Becker, He/Him, Guitar & Vocals, Eric Hangartner, He/Him, Keys & Vocals, Andrew Mendel, He/Him, Drums & Background Vocals, Jamie de Lange, He/Him, Bass

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2012

Latest Release: "Taking It Slow" - Single - May 19, 2023 - Self Released

Upcoming Shows: Opening for BabyJake at Cervantes Otherside in Denver on Friday, October 6th and playing a music festival called Wire and Wood in Alpharetta on Saturday, October 14th.

About: Walden is a band that truly embodies the spirit of indie and alternative rock. The quartet's musical journey began when they played their first show in a cul-de-sac of a suburban neighborhood, and from that moment on, they knew they were meant to create music together. Consisting of four guys who have stayed best friends while making music together for ten years, Walden is currently based in Denver, Colorado, having formed in 2012 while still in high school in Atlanta. The indie/alternative rock quartet consists of Richard Becker (vocals/guitar), Jamie de Lange (bass), Eric Hangartner (vocals/piano) and Andrew Mendel (drums/background vocals).

They burst onto the scene with their release of The Green Lights EP in 2018, playing at Bonnaroo, Shaky Knees, KAABOO Del Mar, Summerfest, & Suwannee Hulaween, and supporting renowned acts including Moon Taxi, Ripe, and Twiddle. They released The Static EP in 2019 along with several singles/music videos in 2020/2021. Their latest EP - “Waiting for the Moment” - came out on July 22nd, 2022 with an accompanying music video for their single “The Moment.” Their have been releasing a string of singles including “Sunlight” which came out on Friday, April 7th, 2023 and “Taking it Slow” which came out on Friday, May 19th, 2023.   

In 2021, they coined the “Where’s Walden Tour,” successfully planning & executing a tour of all 50 states starting on a $50 budget. In November 2022, Walden supported Marc Broussard on his west coast tour, playing to an average crowd size of 600 each night. Most recently, they headlined at Globe Hall, an AEG venue in Denver, selling out the room with 250 tickets sold. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Releasing a single in late October called "All Night" with an accompanying music video in late October.


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Photo: Lucas Ludwig

Band Lineup: Emma Cole (she/her) - Vox, Keys, Joshua Hester (he/him) - Guitar, Caleb Thoemke (he/him) - Drums

Former Colorado Home: Denver

Current Location: Nashville, TN

Formed: 2017

Latest Release:
Four singles leading up to full album Levitate out on October 27, 2023-
“Gettin’ Old Rock & Roll” (Jul. 12)
“Identify It!” (Aug. 9) 
“Sea In My Tea” (Sep. 6)
“Choice” (Oct. 4) 

Upcoming Shows:
The Signal w/ Switchfoot
Chattanooga, TN, United States

Fox Theatre w/ The Moss
Boulder, CO, United States

Aggie Theatre  w/ The Moss
Fort Collins, CO, United States

The Depot  w/ The Moss
Salt Lake City, UT, United States

The Fillmore w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
San Francisco, CA, United States

The Majestic Ventura Theater w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Ventura, CA, United States

The Sound w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Del Mar, CA, United States

The Wiltern w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Orpheum Theater – Flagstaff w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Flagstaff, AZ, United States

The Historic El Rey Theater w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Albuquerque, NM, United States

Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Austin, TX, United States

White Oak Music Hall w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Houston, TX, United States

Iron City Bham w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Birmingham, AL, United States

Brooklyn Bowl Nashville w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Nashville, TN, United States

The Fillmore Charlotte w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Charlotte, NC, United States

Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Harrisburg, PA, United States

The National w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Richmond, VA, United States

The Fillmore w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Silver Spring, MD, United States

The Fillmore Philadelphia w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Starland Ballroom w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Michigander
Sayreville, NJ, United States

DEC 5 TUE w/ Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness + Arlie
The Pageant 
St Louis, MO, United States

About: Wildermiss, a human indie rock band originally from Denver and now based in Nashville, is set to release their first full-length LP in October 2023. Fronted by the human Emma Cole on vocals and synth, with fellow humans Joshua Hester on guitar and Caleb Thoemke on drums, their musical journey has taken them far and wide, accumulating more miles than you can imagine. With their undeniable talent and unwavering dedication, Wildermiss has become a beloved fixture in the hearts of their human fans. Prepare to be captivated by their forthcoming album, a testament to their creative evolution and a sonic adventure unlike any other.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about:
YES! Our debut full length record comes out October 27th! This album is embracing life’s complexity, how everything is connected, tension and hardship is natural, yin & yang, one can’t exist without the other. It’s also cyclical, and this album is self-aware of that cycle whilst expressing the breaking of cycles and levitating. Transcending the cycle you are caught in, moving on from traumatic challenges and uncertainty with a heightened understanding or perspective. Representing freedom, liberation, or the ability to rise above.

Since you're a former Colorado artist, how has life changed for you as a musician since you've left:
We’ve been touring a bunch! Honestly, not too much has changed since we also toured a lot when we were based out of Colorado. Denver is still home and we are happy that we get to visit often.


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