Ali Budner, 91.5 KRCC's reporter for the Mountain West News BureauAli Budner, 91.5 KRCC's reporter for the Mountain West News Bureau
Ali Budner

Ali Budner is a senior producer for Colorado Matters.

Previously, she had been KRCC’s Southern Colorado reporter for the Mountain West News Bureau, a journalism collaborative of six stations across Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Montana.

Ali came to Southern Colorado from the San Francisco Bay Area, where her award-winning reporting covered the state of California on a range of topics from health and the environment to homelessness and immigration. Her resume includes work with The Kitchen Sisters, KPFA radio in Berkeley, CapRadio in Sacramento, KQED in San Francisco and KALW radio in San Francisco, where she served as a managing producer for the daily live public affairs call-in show, “Your Call.”

Ali also reported and co-produced an hour-long documentary, “The Race To An Emergency,” about the 9-1-1 emergency response system in Oakland, California.  It received several national awards, including the Edward R. Murrow award for best radio news documentary in a large market. Her reporting has appeared on Marketplace, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Latino USA, and The World, among other prominent outlets.

  • A new report from the personal finance website Wallethub says states in the Mountain West are among the most reliant on the gun industry. With gun sales down under the Trump administration and a heightened focus on federal gun control regulations, could this reliance be an economic concern for the region’s bottom line?
    US service members compete in an international machine gun match during AASAM 2012US service members compete in an international machine gun match during AASAM 2012
  • This Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people are expected at rallies for gun control across the country. And no one is speaking louder than those who inspired the rallies and who feel they have the most at stake: teens. Thea Roland is a high school junior in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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  • The collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami last week is raising questions about “accelerated bridge construction,” something that happens across the country and here in the Mountain West. These so-called “instant bridges” are where most of the bridge is built off-site and then installed.
    An illustration on the cover of the manual for Accelerated Bridge Construction from the US Department of TransportaionAn illustration on the cover of the manual for Accelerated Bridge Construction from the US Department of Transportaion
  • Federal and state agencies are struggling to pay for much needed maintenance and conservation on public lands so they’re turning to things like park fees and hunting permits to raise the cash. It has been a while since Colorado Parks and Wildlife raised recreational permits and park entrance fees.
    Fall Colors near Ridgeway, ColoradoFall Colors near Ridgeway, Colorado
  • Across the country students walked out of school Wednesday morning, including in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. In Colorado Springs, several hundred people surrounded Palmer High School for 17 minutes to honor the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting.
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  • The national conversation we’re having on guns is particularly painful in Colorado, where Columbine and Aurora are still active wounds. And like the rest of the country, this Mountain West state is deeply divided over what measures to take. Heather Martin teaches high school in Aurora, Colorado.
    Heather Martin, teacher and Columbine survivorHeather Martin, teacher and Columbine survivor
  • The federal Clean Power Plan is currently on hold due to various legal challenges. Not one of the Attorneys General from the Mountain West States has signed on to a brief by a coalition of states supporting the plan. The Obama-era rule aimed to dramatically cut greenhouse gases by reducing emissions from power plants.
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  • Many are calling it far-fetched, but a mountain west entrepreneur is reviving a proposal to draw water from Utah’s Green River and funnel it to Colorado’s growing and drought-prone Front Range. The pipeline would move billions of gallons of water across hundreds of miles from Utah through Wyoming and down into Colorado.
    The Green River in UtahThe Green River in Utah
  • Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment is  calling for a repeal of the Dickey Amendment – the law that essentially limits federal funding for gun violence research. Mountain west states have some of the highest rates of gun-related deaths in the country.
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  • A recent report by The National Safety Council estimates annual traffic fatalities are down slightly across the country.  But Wyoming and Colorado seem to be bucking that trend.   Ken Kolosh, who heads up statistical reporting at the National Safety Council, says Colorado has strong impaired and distracted driving laws.
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