Pianist Hsing-ay Hsu plays "Serenity and Storm," a movement from "Dichotomiae" by Kevin Michael Olson.

Pianist Hsing-ay Hsu oversees the Pendulum New Music concert series at the University of Colorado Boulder. The performances feature CU's faculty musicians performing music by student and staff composers.

Hsu recently collaborated with Kevin Michael Olson, a graduate student studying composition, to debut a solo piano piece called "Dichotomiae" on a Pendulum program.

It's a complicated piece that calls for the pianist to navigate a series of musical mood swings. The chords sometimes suggest placid moments by Claude Debussy. In other places, the music evokes Bela Bartok's more jagged piano pieces.

Watch Hsu play the final movement, "Serenity and Storm," in the CPR Performance Studio in the video above. And subscribe to CPR Classical's Centennial Sounds podcast to hear the full piece, and the story behind "Dichotomiae."

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