Electric bassist Victor Wooten plays his song "The Lesson" in the CPR Performance Studio. Wooten was in Denver to perform a unique bass guitar concerto with the Colorado Symphony. Recorded May 7, 2015.

Electric bass virtuoso Victor Wooten stopped by the CPR Performance Studio this week while visiting Denver for a concert with the Colorado Symphony.

Wooten, who's probably best known as bassist for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, treated the CPR staff to a rendition of “The Lesson,” a funky song he wrote and recorded for his 2008 disc “Palmystery.” Click the video above to watch.

Wooten plays “The Bass Whisperer: Concerto for Electric Bass and Orchestra” with the Colorado Symphony and departing Resident Conductor Scott O’Neil on Saturday and Sunday. He co-wrote the piece with composer and Colorado native Conni Ellisor.

(Photo: CPR/Irvin Coffee)

Wooten and Ellisor spoke recently with Colorado Matters’ Ryan Warner about how they created a symphonic showcase for the bass guitar -- an instrument rarely in a classical setting.