Guitarist Thibaut Garcia plays a movement from "Suite L'Infidele" by Silvius Leopold Weiss. Recorded Feb. 6, 2017, in the CPR Performance Studio.

Many of the classical guitarists who visit the CPR Performance Studio share something by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach's Baroque melodies and arpeggios sound great on the instrument and bring out its serene qualities.

Guitarist Thibaut Garcia opted to play something a little different during his recent session. Garcia performed a movement from "Suite L'Infidele" by Silvius Leopold Weiss, a German composer and lute player born two years after J.S. Bach.

Garcia finds lots of nuance in the piece -- quiet pauses in the melody and lightning-fast runs that slip by if you're not listening carefully.

Garcia began playing guitar at age 7. He won several major guitar competitions in recent years, including a 2015 first prize from the Guitar Foundation of America. 

He's spent a big portion of his time on the road recently, including a February stop at Metro State University of Denver for a recital.

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