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COMMONWHEEL ARTISTS CO-OP, 102 Canon Ave., Manitou Springs, 80829

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Steve Shugart and Rhonda S. Van Pelt are siblings who grew up in Colorado and stayed here because they love it. Steve has been taking photos for years but has been able to spend more time on it since retiring to the Colorado mountains. Rhonda earned her bachelor’s degree in art in 1980 and has worked in various media since then.

This exhibit shows the diverse ways people who share DNA can perceive and depict our natural surroundings, whether it’s a tiny vignette in black and white or a breath-taking vista in full color.
Steve’s work could be described as a grand symphony, whereas Rhonda’s work is a low-key solo piano. But both know the value of slowing down to observe the natural world.

Joining these siblings to round out the show is Kendrick Cowdery. Ken Cowdery has an MS in Arts Technology and a BS in Industrial Education from Illinois State University. Ken taught Graphic Arts and Digital Media for over 30 years and is now retired from teaching. He spends his days at the Manitou Springs Art Center creating whatever comes into his head.

Ken loves creating line art and how easy it is to reproduce. Something as simple as a stencil can reproduce line art. His most recent work using a laser cutter and etcher, offers a new outlet using state-of-the-art technology. “Line art can be beautiful, funny or strange, but almost always has strong visual impact,” he says.



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