An unidentified pedestrian pulls down an umbrella to enter a building as rain falls from a storm sweeping over downtown Denver late Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

David Zalubowski/AP Photo

With wildfires raging and cities facing record highs, everyone could use a bit (or a lot) of rain. Luckily, summer monsoon season is on the way, possibly as soon as the end of this week. Mike Nelson, Channel 7 meteorologist and author of "The Colorado Weather Almanac," talked to Colorado Matters about what we can expect in the forecast.

Nelson thinks monsoons will hit their regular schedule in the second half of July throughout August. Unlike the dryer storms with gusty winds Colorado's experienced thus far this season, monsoons bring the rain. Just one inch of rainfall from a monsoon storm over an acre of land equals 27,000 gallons of water -- a hopeful promise for wildfire fighters.