"ALONE WITH TODD" is the third creation in Control Group Production's series "dances made to be viewed in the dark." 

(Courtesy Taylor Semin)

When United States Army specialist Todd Bilsborough returned from Iraq in 2006, he entered what he calls "the darkest period of my life."

Bilsborough says he was depressed, battled alcohol addiction and had nightmares about the war. His experiences inspired a new show called "ALONE WITH TODD," from the experimental Denver dance company Control Group Productions. It is the third creation in Control Group Productions' series "dances made to be viewed in the dark."

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Bilsborough, who studied music at Naropa University in Boulder, composed the score for the work and performs it live on stage. The final shows are Nov. 10 - 12 at Buntport Theater in Denver. 

He spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.