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HVN — A New Band From Kid Astronaut — Performs At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Denver musician Jon Shockness caught our attention as a member of hip-hop band Air Dubai and with his soulful solo work as Kid Astronaut. Now, he's teamed up with Nigerian-born producer Daniel Iyere for the new band HVN -- which is pronounced "heaven."

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CPR's OpenAir was privy to one of the first ever HVN live performances when we welcomed them into our studio last month. Iyere's synth-heavy electronic production gives a modern edge to the R&B that Shockness has explored throughout his career.

HVN performed four songs in our studio and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the genesis of their collaboration, how living in Denver has influenced their music and some details of their forthcoming debut EP.

Stream the session and watch HVN perform "On The Run" above.

Read interview highlights and watch more video below.

Producer Daniel Iyere on moving to Denver and starting a music career here:

"I took a trip to Denver to visit some friends and just kind of fell in love with the city. Fell in love with what was happening here, the vibe, the culture here. I ... started collaborating with people here, breaking new ground, creating new stuff. That's how I met Kid Astronaut and started making this cool music."

Singer Jon Shockness on the benefits of working with Iyere:

"It's fun doing something by yourself, but it really comes alive when you're able to collaborate with people. And I know musically, this is where I wanted to go always with these kind of sounds -- to be able to do the vulnerable songwriting with the parts that are kind of in your face, abrasive."

Songs performed:

  • "On The Run"
  • "Lovely Monie"
  • "Don't Change"
  • "Care For You"

"Lovely Monie"

"Don't Change"

"Care For You"