Tragedy struck Michigander, but the music kept them going with new music and a tour

June 15, 2023

On Tuesday September 6, 2022, Michigander's vocalist Jason Singer broke his leg while filming the music video for single "Superglue". He had plans for the band to release an EP and go on tour shortly after that, but due to injuries the band had to postpone. Not even a month later the singer received a terrifying call that his wife was struck by a truck. Even with devastation after devastation, Michigander trekked on, using music as their strength. Several months, and lots of healing later, Michigander are back on the road and their EP It Will Never Be The Same is out. If you're like us, we'll be wishing the band lots of luck and a year of no more scares. Watch as the band performs a powerful set of tunes in the Performance Studio.

Songs performed:

  • "Superglue"
  • "Stay Out Of It"
  • "Misery"


Digital Editor: Demi Harvey

Videographer: Irvin Coffee

Audio Assistant: Pedro Lumbrano

Mixer: Justin Peacock