Lessons of Love

April 6, 2023
My Story So Far podcastMy Story So Far podcast

The students and educators from YEBO – Youth Empowerment Broadcasting Organization – make podcasts and other media as a form of self-empowerment. Godwin, Bella, Salem, and Cristina share four stories about crushes, Christmas dinners, favorite meals from grandma, and the quiet moments we share with family.

YEBO, a Denver nonprofit focused on empowering young people through podcasts and storytelling, hosted and helped coordinate this episode. Recorded December 2022 at Empower Community High School in Aurora.

We’re looking for people interested in sharing their stories onstage, and communities whose experiences and perspectives deserve more attention. Reach out to us: [email protected]

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My Story So Far is a Community Audio project of Colorado Public Radio’s Audio Innovations Studio — part of the NPR Network.

Host and producer: Luis Antonio Perez
Producer: Emily Williams
Editor: Jo Erickson
Mixing: Rebekah Romberg
Additional producers: Kibwe Cooper, Erin Jones
Theme music by Daniel Mescher; additional music courtesy Universal Production Music
Cover Art: Maria Juliana Pinzón
Executive producer: Brad Turner
Thanks also to Hart van Denburg, Jodi Gersh, Clara Shelton, Matt Herz, Pedro Lumbrano, Martin Skavish, Kim Nguyen, Rachel Estabrook, Carl Bilek, Ryan Warner, Cayla Montoya-Manzo and Brittany Werges.

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