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Out Of The Statehouse, Into The National Spotlight

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Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Denver
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Bernie Sanders supporters cheer during his speech at a campaign rally at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver Sunday Feb. 16, 2020.

Trump! Sanders! Klobuchar, oh my! Presidential candidates (and the president) are flocking to Colorado to woo voters ahead of the state's primary on March 3rd. Our panel, Bente Birkeland, Andrew Kenney, and Sam Brasch, have been attending campaign events to hear what the candidates and the crowds are saying. In this episode, they discuss divisions in the Democratic field, the blended fortunes of Trump and Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, and what all of this means for Colorado's voters.

We take a pit stop in the Capitol though, to hear about the week's hottest bills: vaccines in schools, marijuana outside of work, and wolves everywhere.