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Pickwick Returns To CPR’s OpenAir With Disco-Influenced LP ‘LoveJoys’

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Photo: Pickwick At CPR's OpenAir

Pickwick last joined us in the CPR Performance Studio back in 2014, when the Seattle indie rockers were on tour in support of their debut album, "Can't Talk Medicine." The six-piece returned to CPR's OpenAir last month following the release "LoveJoys," a sophomore record nearly five years in the making.

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Pickwick played four songs from "LoveJoys" in our studio. The band members also spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the long break between albums, working with hip-hop producer Erik Blood and taking inspiration from disco artists like The Bee Gees.

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • "Turncoat"
  • "Light It Up (Let It Burn)"
  • "In Time"
  • "Ascension"