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Sessions: At Home with Chicano Batman

LA's Chicano Batman released their fourth studio album "Invisible People" on May 1, and fans will experience a different sound from the group - a little less retro-soul, and a little more poppy (to use their own words).

There's still a retro vibe on "Invisible People" but you'll hear different decades in different songs as opposed to a '60s sound throughout the album. There are still absolute glimmers of old school Chicano Batman throughout, though, in the tight rhythm section, the soaring vocal stylings, and heady guitar riffs.

The quartet, comprised of Eduardo Arenas on bass, Carlos Arévelo on lead guitar, Bardo Martinez on vocals and keys, and Gabriel Villa on percussion, went into Barefoot Recording Studios in Hollywood (which has recorded legends such as Stevie Wonder, WAR, and Miles Davis) once again with producer Leon Michaels (of El Michaels Affair), and GRAMMY Award winning mixer, Shawn Everett (known for his work with Kasey Musgraves and Alabama Shakes, among many others). The band knew this was their time to make their own legendary album - without the signature tuxes, and with the introduction of some new sounds.

We caught with the band just to go through their new album song by song - from writing lyrics, to crafting bass lines, studio dynamics, and moving forward as a band. Watch the full interview in the video above.