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The Colorado Art Report: Taking a cultural gamble, state of music videos and more

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Photo: Momix at Newman Center 2Tune in to the Colorado Art Report, CPR's weekly arts show hosted by Chloe Veltman, for in-depth coverage of the Colorado culture scene.

On this week's show:

  • A new music video for the song “Amsterdam” by Colorado singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov lasts only three minutes and 20 seconds. But it took nearly two months to create. CPR arts editor Chloe Veltman speaks with Isakov and artist Laura Goldhamer, who directed the video, about why they invested so much time into the project when digital technology is challenging the format’s reach and relevance.
  • Denver youth and elders talk about the importance of standing up for themselves in a storytelling/activism project called “If Not Us.” Participant Marley Aiu, a 16-year-old high school student, shares a powerful story with CPR’s airwaves about a time she felt discriminated against by a stranger because of her sexuality.

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