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The life and death of Elijah McClain: What have we learned?

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Elijah McClain was a son, a brother, a healer and a musician. In 2019, police stopped him during a peaceful walk home. He hadn’t done anything wrong, but they violently subdued him. Now, officers and paramedics face criminal charges in his death.

McClain’s story has brought about reforms to the rules for police in Colorado, and it has put law enforcement in Aurora under state oversight, to stop a pattern of racist policing. The incident has taught Colorado how to effectively oversee conduct by law enforcement – and what happens when we don’t.

Follow live coverage from CPR News on the trial in the death of Elijah McClain.

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Reported by Allison Sherry
Written by Allison Sherry and Rachel Estabrook
Produced and edited by Rachel Estabrook
Mixed by Emily Williams
Music by Blue Dot Sessions
Executive producers: Kevin Dale, Sherkiya Wedgeworth-Hollowell and Brad Turner
Thanks also to Alison Borden, Kibwe Cooper, Erin Jones and Rebekah Romberg