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Frustrated with her efforts to talk to her mom Kini about the Covid-19 vaccine, Erica decides the two of them need help, and she asks Kini to come to therapy with her. Dr. Julie Colwell, Erica’s long-time therapist, guides mother and daughter, helping them understand the feelings they share. Episode 3 of 6.

Host & producer: Erica Anderson
Senior producer: Maia Laperle
Series editor: Emily Harris
Final mixes and sound design: Josh Wilcox, with Walter Nordquist, Brooklyn Podcasting Studio
Executive producer: Eve Pearlman

Special, heartfelt thanks to Erica’s mom, Kini Christie, for being willing to have these conversations. Much love.

Thanks to the many other people who made these conversations possible, especially Dr. Julie Colwell, Dr. Keren Landman and Jonathan Jarry.

Executive Producer of Colorado Public Radio’s Audio Innovations Studio: Brad Turner
Artwork: Maria Juliana Pinzón
Marketing support: Clara Shelton, Jodi Gersh
Additional support: Rebekah Romberg, Jo Erickson, Erin Jones, Luis Antonio Perez, Emily Williams and Kibwe Cooper.

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