This is a show about recovery, hosted by CPR News host Vic Vela. Everyone knows someone who struggles with addiction or mental health issues or a physical ailment that has dramatically changed their life. This show is a place to regularly showcase courage and what it takes to come back.
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  • Jake "The Snake" Roberts was one of the most famous pro wrestlers of the 1980s. But behind the scenes he was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and haunted by childhood abuse.
    Jake the Snake Back From Broken Episode 10Jake the Snake Back From Broken Episode 10
  • Paul Scudo had a flashy, high-powered hotel job — and behind the scenes, he had a longtime drug addiction. When he couldn't hide it anymore, things blew up in his face.
    Paul Scudo - Back From Broken Episode 9Paul Scudo - Back From Broken Episode 9
  • Whatever Keri Blakinger puts her mind to, she excels at. She has incredible focus. But that worked against her when she got into heroin.
  • Andy Bellatti couldn't resist the lights and sounds of a slot machine. He spent his days in Las Vegas building a successful career as a personable, TV-ready fitness expert, and his nights gambling away his savings.
  • Dana Smith has a unusual job: She helps people in recovery reach their potential at a gym dedicated to sobriety and fitness. But she didn’t reach this point easily.
  • The Lumineers' latest album deals with the pain of addiction and substance abuse. In this intimate live episode, the band members share three of those songs and the stories that inspired them.
    The Lumineers on Back From Broken episode 5The Lumineers on Back From Broken episode 5
  • Vic gives a first-person account of cocaine addiction, and shows there's hope for everyone who longs to make a comeback.
  • She's one of the greatest female basketball players of all time. She was a three-time national champion in college and later starred in the WNBA. But Chamique Holdsclaw has struggled with mental health problems and bipolar disorder.
    Chamique HoldsclawChamique Holdsclaw


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