This is a show about recovery, hosted by CPR News host Vic Vela. Everyone knows someone who struggles with addiction or mental health issues or a physical ailment that has dramatically changed their life. This show is a place to regularly showcase courage and what it takes to come back.
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Latest Episodes

  • The powerful story of the friendship between a former NFL player facing the long journey of recovery and the photojournalist who refused to let him slip away.
    Jackie Wallace and Ted Jackson on Back From BrokenJackie Wallace and Ted Jackson on Back From Broken
  • Morgan Sinclair wrestled with his identity as a trans man growing up. He turned to drugs to numb his feelings, and struggled with addiction. As a teen, he found a way to recover and heal.
    Morgan Sinclair on Back from BrokenMorgan Sinclair on Back from Broken
  • Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase's spiritual path to recovery is memorable and moving.
    Lissa Yellow Bird Chase on Back from BrokenLissa Yellow Bird Chase on Back from Broken
  • Leah V was in a relationship that was tumultuous and, at times, abusive. But therapy changed her life and allowed her to heal.
    Leah V on Back From BrokenLeah V on Back From Broken
  • Actor Jim Belushi on coping with grief and finding a way to move forward.
    Jim Belushi on Back from BrokenJim Belushi on Back from Broken
  • Lynn Chen struggled with an eating disorder, but found an unusual way to get help and heal.
    Lynn Chen on Back from BrokenLynn Chen on Back from Broken
  • At an early age, Shane Price realized he could pour on the charm with women, and at 16 years old he started his career as a pimp. After a violent incident left him shaken, Shane made changes to his life.
    Shane Price on Back From BrokenShane Price on Back From Broken
  • Tierre Caldwell spent time in a violent gang and developed addictions to drugs and alcohol as a teen. When he wound up in prison, he had to face his demons and find a way to stop using.
    Tierre Caldwell on Back From BrokenTierre Caldwell on Back From Broken


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