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April 1, 2020: Losing A Loved One To Coronavirus; How Laughter Can Be Medicine Right Now

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Courtesy of the Farley family.
Mike Farley, flanked by his wife, his children and grandchildren. Front row from left to right: Karen Farley, John’s wife; Aria Brauchli, Maggie and Marcus’s daughter; Maggie Farley; Zoe Brauchli, Maggie and Marcus’s daughter. Back row left to right: John Farley, Nancy Farley, Mike Farley and Marcus Brauchli, Maggie’s husband.

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A Denver family recounts what it’s like to lose a loved one to the novel coronavirus. Then, the toll this shutdown has taken on the state’s ski resorts. Plus, tips for parents and children on how to keep anxieties in check. Finally, two Colorado comedians provide a little levity and laughter.