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Aug. 15, 2019: Perspectives On Guns, Violence & Mental Health

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Courtesy of Kendelyn Ouellette
Ryan Warner, George Brauchler, Laura Carno, Dr. Emmy Betz, Sen. Rhonda Fields, and Moe Keller discuss the dynamics of guns, violence, and mental health

After a mass shooting come the “shoulds.” The US should pass gun control. Improve its mental health system. Arm good guys with guns. Address extremism. We’re going to grapple with these “shoulds” today. And get people who view them differently to talk with each other. We’ve assembled Coloradans who’ve given this a lot of thought. We’ll also include listeners’ questions and observations about this moment in America. Each of our guests is going to start by finishing this sentence: “After the latest round of mass shootings, America should…”