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Greenhorn Mountain

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Greenhorn Mountain

The Wet Mountain region of Southern Colorado was once a cultural crossroads for several tribes, drawn by the plentiful bison and game.

When Spanish explorers arrived in the 1700s, they clashed – notably with the Comanche, whose leader Tavibo Naritgant raided Spanish settlements. He came to be known as “Cuerno Verde” or “Green Horn” for his distinctive battle headgear. In 1770, the Spanish killed him near the mountain, valley, creek and wilderness area that now bear his name. His headdress was presented to the Pope, and is still in the Vatican today.

Greenhorn Mountain is not a fourteener or even a thirteener. But it is the highest point in the Wet Mountains, and rises dramatically, five thousand feet from plains to peak, making it one of Colorado’s most prominent mountains.

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