Nov. 2, 2021: From COVID to wellness, a Colorado check-up; CMU’s mountain bike champion!

November 2, 2021
Colorado Mesa University Mountain Bike champion Lauren LackmanColorado Mesa University Mountain Bike champion Lauren LackmanCourtesy Kelsey Dudley, Colorado Mesa University
Lauren Lackman (#289), a junior at Colorado Mesa University, competes in the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships in Durango. Lackman won the women's varsity individual Omnium. She is studying Mechanical Engineering at CMU.

The state's taking new steps to fight COVID-19 as children as young as five are poised to get the vaccine. Plus, the pandemic's impact on mental health, food insecurity, and basic respect. Then, Colorado's new teacher of the year. And Colorado Mesa University's new mountain bike champion. Finally, the art of "Smoking Mirrors."